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Hi yall, I'm nothing else than a spriter who works hard to become better and make good pixel arts ! Dnd I created this gallery in order to share all my works, hoping you'll find them good !
I take commissions at @Grapo#3715

I'm especially working on Pokemon Masters' sprites so most of my creations are characters from this game.
Keep in mind I dont make recolors. Please credit me when sharing or using as a pfp for example, (I still would prefer you to ask before ). Finally, make sure to check amazing Brumirage's work, she's teaching me spriting !

Also, I often delete some of my sprites to rewamp them and put them back in my gallery later in order to show you the best, but you can still pm me if you need a sprite that I deleted.

Current project : (working on a banner )

Pokémon Masters :
Masters Heros, female.png
Elsa-Mina Ultime 2.png
Carolina Anniversaire 2022.png
Ondine Ultime.png
Peter Spécial 2021.png
Flora Anniversaire 2022.png
Leaf Ultime v2.png
Hélio Ultime.png
Pierre Ultime.png
Pierre Rochard (été).png
Dianthéa Look Spécial.png
Lilie Polthégeist.png
Narcisse Look Spécial.png
Ondine Maillot.png
Emmet x Lançargot.png
Ingo x Accelgor.png
Célesta Ultime.png
N Saisonnier.png
Serena Ultime v3.png

Pokémon Masters 6EX Skins (recolors)
Elsa-Mina Ultime, 6EX.png
Rosemary Look Spécial 6EX.png
Peter Look Spécial 6EX.png
Sonya Look Spécial 6EX.png

Recolor of Brumirage's sprites (ask Brumirage before using) :
Masters Ex Brumirage.png

Custom Maskass.png
Custom Lilie et Cosmog.png

Paper Mario Shy Guy : Ophion / Lillie and Cosmog : dnagerbdager / Poison Ivy : roxiee
Random sprites :
Percupio LE RETOUR.png

New ! I also make Pokemon sprites sometimes and will try to help at making gen9 sprites :

Sucreine Shiny.png
Darumacho de Galar BOUM.png
Florizarre dodo.png


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i like your sprites, really good! keep up the great work and if brumirage is teaching you they must be really good aswell! again, keep up the great work!


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if they're not gonna post it there I guess I am

Grapo made Edward Elric's head & hair for Wave's custom avatar! They helped me out a lot cause I was v busy and struggling a lot to get this done

COMMISSION THEM (and give em money for it they really deserve it), they're one of the most promising artists here on smogon and a very talented spriter


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Hey everyone !! Usually I dont do this kind of things but here's a short message
Hope yall are going well, vacations are coming soon for a lot, keep working to enjoy them at 100% ! On my side, I didnt stop working and it seems u liked it, so thanks to yall and u can be sure I'll keep spriting and gaining skill >:)
Here my two latest sprites, I'm pretty proud of them (Lilie is a big rewamp tho):
Narcisse Look Spécial.png
Ondine Maillot.png
Lilie Polthégeist.png

I also made a new message for everyone who's discovering my gallery, more accurate to the current situation and I'm working on making a pretty banner !
Have a nice day :D


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update of the month !
To start, some "bad" news, almost all Masters EX designs have been done by Kyle Dove and picked by admins to use instead of mine or Brumirage's ones, so I dont think I'll much work on Masters EX in coming weeks as it doesnt have an "actual" goal anymore... Maybe my Skyla will be available for everyone tho, I'll let you know if she goes on showdown
Carolina Anniversaire 2022.png
Percupio LE RETOUR.png

Same for Volo rewamped by Brumirage, it should be available someday
(check out the acerola I made)
Also, I wanted you to know I still take commissions at @Grapo#3715 on Discord ! Usually it's for free but I wont refuse payment :p
(obligatory payment for fangames commissions)
Have a good day and let me know if you need something !! :D
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love your sprites! especially love the Célesta Ultime one, it has such good attention to detail :^) -- keep it up!^^

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